Ombudsman’s Office reporting channels for testing in D and E. Simply fill out and send.


Serious information helps to counteract violations at an early stage and reduce damage to our company, our employees and our business partners. We therefore offer several ways of contacting our ombudsman to report – anonymously if desired – violations in the areas of antitrust law, corruption, money laundering, data protection, bullying, and other relevant breaches of rules.

We answer questions about the whistleblower system of the Data Protection Agency in our FAQ or you can contact our ombudsman directly.



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Other ways to contact the Ombudsman Office:

+49 (0) 821 90786459
Threema ID: ZB5XNM5N
Data Protection Agency Ombudsman Office
Ombudsmann Maximilian Hartung
Frauentorstraße 9
86152 Augsburg